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the harpybass…..

first live recordings with the new 5+24stringbass with a harpish extension. this bass was made out of part of the heatingsystem scrap on a nice spot on saarbrückerstrasse in berlin. began in 2008, had to sleep for five years and now got ready. the or one  idea was first to have resonance strings like those in a….

….a reverse selfinterpretatory look-onto-through-behind::::::

  yann keller plays on her diy-instruments -steelcello/bass.  derived from the groundspear of a lightningrod. implementation of a double bass in a post-industrial sound sculpture. played with the hands; bow made of horsehair.  -lightsynthsizer.  core idea / starting point of the instruments are hi-tech devices, light-frequency converters.  they allow modulation of a tone cluster which….

Geschützt: shortys

Es gibt keine Kurzfassung, da dies ein geschützter Beitrag ist.

::::shOrrrrRRt ttttoUUUr2014

after a great concert in cafe central in brussels 29…we still stay in the weird city that seems much more  south than it actually is….tomorrow we head to amiens…

….the process::::>>>the abAsS

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für immer und auf ewig….