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001__2012_11_13yann keller Bassist and experimentalist in many areas. Along with studying bass at the Arnhem Conservatory, continuing with eg the great German free jazz bassist Peter Kowald, the unforgettable leader and drummer Frank Köllges and duo project with the British artist and inventor Jim Whiting, the German Butoh dancer Sabine Seume an important step to Yanns development in the construction of own instruments such as the „double bass“ of steel and aluminum tubes and a series of sound sculptures from industrial waste from around the Ruhr. The steel-tube-bass as a new main instrument, derivative from the ground spike a lightning rod manifests a rupture with the traditional musical approach and transformation to a new level of expression, where the term sculpture travels between the media. In many experiments interdisciplinary boundaries were studied, deconstructed and re-found. The improvisation embraces different musical genres jazz, noise, improvised music, electronic music, and as a unifying idea free jazz. Musikalische development and selbstdefiniton development process go hand in hand. Loosen the boundaries between the sexes. Can be trans-Identical / life mean to leave one side, but not necessarily to arrive on the other side. A final decision is not necessary. Work on all sides to be open, against the black and white thinking. There are many steps between the endpoints man and woman on this scale. Free improvisation the experimental room.