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Montag, März 19th, 2012

vita, english uncomplete

yann keller
born in Berlin

various band projects since 1981
1990-1995 student at the conservatory in Arnhem NL
graduation in contrabass and jazz improvisation in 1995
bands with own compositions: composed/improvised jazz
„Das Ding“

Participation in Peter Kowalds project “Ort Ensemble”
Each week we had concerts at Peters house with different formations.
In this Context a cd was released with Evan Parker, Carlos Zingaro and Le Quan Ninh.
Ensemble work with Butch Morris.

Concert with 8 Contrabasses with Peter Kowald, Joelle Leandre, Sebastian Gramms and more.
The collaboration with Holger Teuber, gongs, drums and “Der Berzelmeier” began.

Band project“freewilly“ with Stefan Hoehnerbach, Markus Turk, Dirk Koelsch.

Performance “Zwischen Ende und Anfang” with dancer and choreograph Nanna Przetak

1999 Performance with Axel Joppen, stils at the IBA-Finale “Fest der Sinne” at Chritoph Schlägers Place Zeche Teutoburgia in Herne.

Interdisciplinary concepts with other kinds of art as dance, sculpting, painting and performance
workshops/projects with:
Peter Kowald (D), Butch Morris (USA), Evan Parker (GB),
Frank Koellges (D), Barre Phillips (FR), Michiel Braam (NL).
Since 1996 work with sculptures of industrial rubbish, mainly metal.
Sound sculptures
Bowed spirals
Free electronics
Duoperformances f.e. with Jim Whiting (GB)
Improvisation in music and live-welding of a metal sculpture.
Photoresistors and piezopickups as interface between music and object.
I see myself in between music and material art.
a piece of music is sculpture in the dimension of time.
for to realize my imagination of the music
i need the making of the instrument as a part of the process.
After the period with acoustic objects and a lot of
experiments with my metalbass(threestringdoublebass made
from an old lightningrod) + electronics i went into pure electronics.
all acoustic sculptures were related to the contrabass as they were
played with bows or had strings.
The lightsynthesizer is different in that point.
what comes out is much more abstract then the „instrumental“ music.
while playing a traditional instrument it is nearly impossible not to
refer in somehow to soundclichees of known music, though my
interpretation went very far from the source.
with the acoustic sculptures and the elelctronics i break it up.

2000 Art and sound project “Metal garden” within the “Duisburger Akzente”
Collaboration with “Dead fish fuck”, Amsterdam. Duo with Steel instruments.
CD recording.

three Months in the USA
collaboration with Maria Moran aka “Zipperspy” who works in electronic Music and metal sculptures as well.
Concerts in New York, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, club 7hz in San Francisco

Collaboration with the german butho dancer Sabine Seume in the ensemble piece “Gefallene Engel” Premiere at the Tanzhaus-NRW in Duesseldorf.
Tournee with this piece.
The work with Sabine was always based on improvisation. She developed a framework to catch the essence of those moments to find them back and to fit in the composition.

More Performances with the “Gefallenen Engeln”
Another collaboration with Sabine inn the piece “Flug der Fische” Premiere at the Tanzhaus-NRW in Düsseldorf.

Bandprojekt Dr.Nexus Emergency Exit, Berlin with Dr.Nexus, Berlin, John Pelosi, USA, Kenneth Hyttel, Denmark, Mark Washeim, Bolivia.
The most important project in the last decade was the collaboration with the israelian musician Meira Asher. She combines noise, experimental music, with a very intense political message. Also she has great skills as instrumentalist in drums and vocals and use of the computer. Her music does not have this male form of aggression. It is very subtle and has sometimes a quiet dark chtonic energy.
we recorded my sounds and she used them in her compositions for project FACE W.S.L.O.T Woman See Lot of Things. an Ep and and Album is released.
Another great collaboration happened with Vilbørg Broch, Singer, Dancer, Poetist, Choreograph. since 1998 we worked in various Projects f.e the “Genetic Cabaret”
in june 2004 the cd “Riddles” was released.

After an extended period of electronic music i reconnect to the acoustic contrabass. With this comes playing together in f.e. a trio with drums, saxophone and/or guitar.
The aspect of communication is much stronger in this style of music than in the field of electronic music where everybody is floating in individual universes…

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