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the harpybass…..
Samstag, März 21st, 2015

first live recordings with the new 5+24stringbass with a harpish extension. this bass was made out of part of the heatingsystem scrap on a nice spot on saarbrückerstrasse in berlin. began in 2008, had to sleep for five years and now got ready.
the or one  idea was first to have resonance strings like those in a sitar inside the neck.
then besides this effect, new richness of the overtones added to the sound of the steelbass…the extensionframe turned out to be playable in a „harpyish“-style …i am developing some new technics for it…detail2
peoples association were in a way like this was sort of a „feminine“ way of playing compared to the doublebass relatet upright bass…all in relation to the playing around with genderroles and experiments with identitys in the past decades…
so its a transformatory aspect on the material and playwise level…
let wee see how this is placed within the whole thing…definitely changing something somewhere…

onebeforethelastpiece@urbanspree 21.02.2015

lastpiece@urbanspree 21.02.2015


on the 25ths of march i will play some sound for the movie aelita queen of mars at urban spreen gallery withih the exhibibition of ogino knauss….

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