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! shoW together with…

…princess tweedle needle, schmerz moebel, ola olinski, yann keller and sanaa 30/3/2012 berlin, darkside club   fuckbook::events

KKW 7.4.2012 @loophole, berlin, 21h

KELLER/KÖSS/WEISSENFELS join forces in the exploration of free-improvised music, „freak“  jazz walking on a bizarre path between  jazz, non idiomatic impro and noise… simone weißenfels – piano is one of leipzig, germany’s most versatile artists in contemporary, classical music and jazz. she performs successfully both the works of contemporary and classic composers as well as….


7.4 @loophole, berlin with simone weissenfels,piano and wolf köss,drums* 30.3 kellerschlaeger&humanharp @darkside-club, berlin 18.02 @ york (bethanien), berlin, STP-Soliparty 10.02. @ trickster, berlin,   mit nerf 26.1. @ share, leipzig 6.1 @ gegen berlin, kitkat club