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november 2004
Sonntag, März 18th, 2012

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my new upcoming project is built soundmachine from a couple of donated pentium computers, free+opensource software (dyne:bolic) including openmosix  ()()}{()()

disconnect the process of making music from the consumerist music industrys anoying brandnames:::::


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barna oct.2004

plaatjes: 1 2 3 4 5

two tracks recorded in and short after the barcelona chaos which was intended to become the deform festival, oct.2004…

…the noisecamp installation

did not last very long because they had to show their capabiltys…

both pieces were plaYed life on the yard/between the ruines of the beautiful depriveequ squatt in barna after a desasterous tekno party with many fights and violent idiots on k

xxxxxxx01ssh  7.19 min

ogg 192kbps

xxxxxxx02 ca. 35 min

mp3 192kbps
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