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yann keller plays on her diy-instruments
derived from the groundspear of a lightningrod. implementation of a double bass in a post-industrial sound sculpture. played with the hands; bow made of horsehair.
newest version is the „abass“ from aluminium…
core idea / starting point of the instruments are hi-tech devices, light-frequency converters.
they allow modulation of a tone cluster which is proportional to light intensity and sprectrum (irradiance) which is then processed through some curcuits, FX pc/puredata semi programming language. thus giving cosmic radiation a channel into sound with whatever comes with it.
(between light and darkness)
…its about those desires that are there since early memory began;
those who are the driving forces in love and creativity at the same time intend to delightfully kill you as they become intense and authentic;
those longings that make you loving dark places the darker they are.
if there is a choice those places seem so much more appealing than what is in brightness…
but still…stay alive don’t get killed. just as much as is needed…
light and darkness.
both belong together. one is the second/contrary face of the other.
(→)so as the ancient myth figure janus having two faces, to look into the future and the past, god of beginnings and transitions and also of gates, doors, passages, endings and time.
…transforming himself into the female variation of his own identity…which in mythologie was said to be diana goddess of the witches..(←)
two faces of music can let violently wild agressive music suddenly turn into something really fragile and fine. both driven by the same energy source. different aspects of the one being.
layers of melodies and soundscapes, voices of multiple minds.
through sound walking on the line from where the perception can go in all directions.

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